Out of art school I aspired to photograph celebrities and to see my work on the cover of Vanity Fair and Vogue.  So, I went to New York City and worked under the photographers who's images graced them.  During this time my instinct and aesthetic took shape but I soon realized something was missing.

Growing up I remember thumbing through old family photos;  black & white, stained and fading.  Each image invoking a memory or feeling that takes you back, giving you a brief window into the past.   Memories that make you laugh or cry, happy and warm, love struck and heart heavy.  I realized these were the images I wanted to capture.

I photograph your stories.  Each is uniquely different, where every detail and moment build upon another.  Details set the scene and moments narrate.  I capture these unique pieces only lending my aesthetic to construct your story.

NYC based photographer, traveling internationally and domestic. 

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